SSL-Alert pop-up..

My site is using a self signed ssl certificate to encrypt the data that we may share while you are here.
If any browser alert pop up about potential security issue, just ask yourself: “Should I trust that guy?”
And then your answer will help you to decide if I belong on your trusted list or not.

Since nothing sensitive about anybody is processed here, I don’t see why I should pay for an expensive Verified SSl Certificate.

If any transaction involving sensitive personal information or money have to be made between us, it will be through a secured and safe service like Paypal or a studio visit that I would be pleased to book with you if you ask me.

These are my fine prints. If you’ve read them so far, at least you know a little more about why it was absolutely natural for me as a tennager to never even think of becoming a lawyer.

error: Content is protected, please contact me directly if you need materiel from my site.